Unit Title Subdivision

  • What is unit title subdivision?
    A unit title subdivision is the act of dividing an area of land and buildings into two or more units, such as apartments, often including property that is shared by the unit owners. Each owner gains a principal unit and may also own one or more accessory units.

  • Why subdivide?
    Unit title subdivision allows for greater population density in urban areas. With the increasing demand for housing in many towns, cities and along coastal areas, a unit title subdivision can boost the value of your land asset for development or sale. In particular, there is a growing trend for people wanting affordable properties close to urban centres with small, easy to maintain grounds.

  • How we help...
    We’ve completed many large-scale unit title subdivisions in Hawke's Bay. You’ll get attention to detail ensuring the best use of land, and a quality subdivision reflecting the needs of the people living in the area, access to amenities and environmental considerations.

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