Showdown of the subdivision specialists!

This here story happened out the old Wild West. Some know it as Hawke’s Bay, on the sunny east coast of New Zealand. East, West… you take your pick. Anyway, some folks say this story is true, some say it ain’t. I’ll let you decide.

The marshal of this town was Old Seamus, a subdivision specialist. He’d been around these parts for a long time, measuring up plots of land for decent folks. Things was real good for Old Seamus up to the day Young Nick Wakefield rode into town. Well, actually, Nick joined the Surveying Company, but it spelled out much the same thing for Old Seamus… Change! And no folks like change unless it comes from vending machines.

Y’see, this young gun came with a lot of big talk about how he was gonna survey up the land with his bag of tricks. Tech. That was the word the young’uns used for it. A big ol’ bunch of fancy machines.

“Pfft!” said Old Seamus, as he leaned against his Wild T2 Theodolite. The old gal was over eighty years old, just a shade older than Old Seamus himself. “But she still gets the job done right,” he said. “And that’s what matters most.”

Young Nick wasn’t so sure about that there supposition, and he was determined to prove it, so he challenged Old Seamus to a good old fashioned showdown.

“I hear you droning on about the old ways,” said Nick, unpacking his fancy green box. “But this here’s a real surveyor’s drone.”

For those of you not in the know, Young Nick was referring to a UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. He proceeded to regale Old Seamus with a tale about how this drone was equipped with laser scanning and multi-spectral imaging and how it had transformed the world of surveying.

Old Seamus yawned and patted his Wild T2 Theodolite. It was as accurate as the day is long, even though it took that long to set it up.

“And that old thing?” said Nick. “These state-of-the-art models have a tilt sensor, so there’s no need to plumb the pole. And that makes me way quicker than you, old timer. How d’ya like that?”

Needless to say, all this tech talk was getting Old Seamus a little tilted himself. He marched right up to Young Nick and arched his neck to stare him in the eye, or at least the chin. The young gun was quite tall, y’see.

“I concede there’s value in these here fancy gadgets,” said Old Seamus, raising his peg bar. “But ya still have to put the peg in the right place!”

Quick as lightning, he stamped down his bar, planting a surveying peg right between Young Nick’s feet, leaving the young gun stone cold surveyed.

And that, folks, was how two fierce rivals became partners.

THE END… or perhaps I should say… THE BEGINNING.

* * *

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