3D Laser Scanning

  • What is 3D Laser Scanning?
    Laser scanners have enabled surveyors to collect vast amounts of highly accurate data in a short amount of time.  With our 3D scanner we can measure up to 1 million points per second to millimetre accuracy.  We carry out multiple scans from different locations to generate a full 3D model of your infrastructure.

  • Why you may need 3D Laser Scanning services...

    When your project requires making alterations or upgrades to infrastructure, you need to know that the new equipment will fit what is already in place.  A 3D laser scan will give you the full picture, enabling accurate designs made to fit perfectly into the existing environment.  We can scan inaccessible areas ensuring the whole job is captured completely and safely.

    We provide laser scanning services in the following areas:

    - New construction

    - As-builts

    - Renovations

    - Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • How we help...
    We can provide survey accurate registered point clouds or go the extra mile and generate full 3D computer models of your infrastructure in a format suitable for multiple software platforms. 

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