Aerial Mapping

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    • What is a UAV?
      In layman's terms a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a drone. The Surveying Company’s UAV is a DJI Matrice M200 equipped with a survey grade GPS unit that eliminates the need for ground control. Typically a surveyor would need to access all areas of the land to be mapped in order to mark control points on the ground. Our method moves that control from the ground to the air, meaning we can map even the most inaccessible areas while maintaining accuracy. This saves the client money as the job can be done in a much shorter period of time. 
      The Surveying Company are now CAA Part 102 Certified Operators. 

    • Why you may need UAV services...

      - Topographical surveys (large subdivisions, farms etc)

      - Road / rail corridor mapping

      - Forestry mapping

      - Volume measurements (cut / fill volumes, stockpiles etc)

      - Quarry, mining and bulk earthworks surveys

      - Survey rectified imagery (orthophotos)

      - Infrastructure as-built imagery and modelling

      - 3D modelling of buildings

      - Asset inspections

  • How we help...
    We can provide you with high quality imagery and 3D data for your site. This can be used for further design works, verifying asbuilt data, mapping and volume calculations. Get in touch with us to see how Mav and Goose can utilise their Top Gun skills on your job.  


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