Subdivision - maximize your land value.

Three reasons to call us first for your subdivision.

  • We’re subdivision project management specialists

    We’re specialists in subdivision project management, and have a team of experienced surveyors who have completed numerous residential, rural, commercial, and unit title subdivisions including large scale projects with complex requirements. We’d love to be humble about it, but we’re really good at what we do. Call us and you’ll find out why.

  • You’ll maximize your land value and assets

    You won’t think twice about the cost of subdividing when you realize the increased value of your land asset. Our accuracy and attention to detail ensures you get the best possible subdivision solution.

  • Guaranteed subdivision costs and time frames

    You’ll get your subdivision completed on time and to budget or you’ll get it for free. Guaranteed.

Residential subdivision allows you to create a new land asset...

Rural subdivision releases cash without compromising your farming operation...

Commercial subdivision maximizes land and asset value for business purposes...

Unit title subdivision is one answer to the high demand for housing...

"As absentee land owners Brian took the hassle out of subdivision. He managed relationships with the council, subtrades and tenants, as well as doing the surveying work. He kept us in the loop at all times. We felt the work he did for us was good value for money. We would use him again and highly recommend him."

Vicki Bee & Simon Jones

Call us to ensure you maximize your subdivision value.