Topographical Survey and GPS Surveying

  • What is a topographical survey?

    Topographical surveys are conducted to identify and map the contours of any given piece of land and any features that exist above or below ground, such as buildings, services, roads and vegetation. For building purposes, these surveys also include boundary lines and easements.

  • Why you may need a topographical survey...

    These surveys are usually needed by architects and engineers to work out designs; where a building can be situated for services, where it sits in relation to roads and on the contours of the earth. If you’re planning a new development of any kind, you may need us to conduct a topographical survey.

  • How we help...

    As well as using traditional surveying methods, we also employ a roving GPS unit to conduct topographical surveys. We can conduct surveys in almost any location with seamless precision. The accuracy of our surveys and resultant plans will save you time and money during design. In particular, this technology allows us to complete large rural subdivisions faster than traditional surveyors.

Our promise to you:

Fast, accurate land surveying services and subdivisions. On time. To budget.

Promises are just words unless they’re solidly backed up. We back up this promise with the guarantee that you will get your land surveying job or subdivision completed on time and to budget or you’ll get it for free.

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