Commercial Subdivision

  • What is commercial subdivision?

    Commercial subdivision is the act of dividing a lot or parcel of land into two or more lots, sites or other land divisions for commercial or business developments including the construction of buildings. We understand the high value of these developments and the need for the work to be done quickly and accurately.

  • Why subdivide?

    Commercial subdivisions are usually designed to maximize the value of land for business purposes. The subdivision becomes a number of assets you can sell, develop or lease.

  • How we help...

    We’ll provide you with a rapid completion to allow for cash flow to begin as soon as possible. Our attention to detail ensures your subdivision is accurate and protects the complicated service requirements common to these types of developments. You can consider us to be the aspirin for the headaches that commonly appear during the consent process with easements and encumbrances.

To ensure you maximize your commercial subdivision value,

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