Building surveying services

  • What is a building survey?

    There are several kinds of building surveying services provided by specialists in various industries. The building survey work we do relates to where buildings are located on any given parcel of land and at what height above sea level they have to be built. These are called Building Height Datum Certification Surveys. In certain low-lying areas of New Zealand, such as Napier, councils specify these perimeters.

  • Why you may need a building survey...

    If you’re wanting to construct any new building on a piece of land, talk to us at the start of the process. We can help you avoid pitfalls to your project and provide you with the land information you’ll need to proceed.

  • How we help...

    We’re fast, accurate and have the specialized equipment to complete a Building Height Datum Certification Survey. Ask us also about surveying land for boundaries, access to services and amenities, and design considerations.

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