Resource Consent Application

  • What is a resource consent application?

    There are many types of resource consents. We typically handle resource consent applications for subdivisions, land use, and plan changes. If you’re wanting to change the way land is used, create any kind of subdivision, or make changes to the use of a property, you will need a resource consent.

  • Why you may need to make a resource consent application...

    How you’re allowed to use your land is controlled by councils or District Plans. You will need a resource consent if you intend to use your land in a way your council has restricted. This can be as simple as changing a boundary, altering a building, or modifying land by earthworks. To avoid annoying your local council, talk to us before you do anything that may need a resource consent.

  • How we help...

    We know how each council operates and have prepared successful applications for many years. If you want a trouble free, rapid resource consent then talk to us first. We know what's needed and how to make the process run smoothly for everyone involved.

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