Boundary Fence Surveys

  • What is a boundary fence survey?

    This topic forms the basis for ‘neighbours at war’. It is quite common to find boundary fences located in the wrong position. These mistakes occur because nobody consults a surveyor to find out where fences should be placed. A boundary fence survey will give you the answer.

  • Why you may need a boundary fence survey...

    If you’re planning to renew a boundary fence or build close to a boundary, you should get a boundary fence survey done first. In particular, any building work close to the boundary lines of older properties should seek a boundary survey. The consequences of taking a short cuts can be expensive and stressful.

  • How we help...

    We can show you the boundaries of your property to an absolute certainty. We’ll end any boundary wars, and you’ll be able to sleep at night, totally assured that your boundary fence is exactly where it should be.

Our promise to you:

Fast, accurate land surveying services and subdivisions. On time. To budget.

Promises are just words unless they’re solidly backed up. We back up this promise with the guarantee that you will get your land surveying job or subdivision completed on time and to budget or you’ll get it for free.

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