Brian Foote

Land surveyor on a mission.

Position at The Surveying Company:

Project Manager, Financial Controller, Mentor, Cool Dude.

Brian’s credentials:

  • Licensed Cadastral Surveyor
  • Registered Surveyor

Dissatisfied with average surveying offerings, Brian decided to run a business that set its standards high: surveying work guaranteed to be delivered on time and to budget, guiding people to financial independence through property, and leaving clients financially better off after his work is done. Funnily enough, that’s why The Surveying Company has become a leader in the land industry.

Contact Brian for:
Land surveying, subdivisions.

Phone: (06) 878 6349

Our promise to you:

Fast, accurate land surveying services and subdivisions. On time. To budget.

Promises are just words unless they’re solidly backed up. We back up this promise with the guarantee that you will get your land surveying job or subdivision completed on time and to budget or you’ll get it for free.

Initial discussions and quotes are free, so call us today